Ready for a hair change but aren’t quite ready for the commitment of a haircut? We’ve got 4 easy ways to change up your look (that won’t involve a pair of scissors!)

Hidden Hair Color

Love bright, rainbow colored hair but your business professional lifestyle won’t allow it?  Hidden hair color may be the perfect alternative for you! This relatively new trend allows your stylist to give you those bright and colorful strands you’ve been wanting, but gives you the flexibility not to show them off 24/7. Check out this article from BuzzFeed to get some great inspiration for this hair trend.

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Faux Bangs

Adding bangs or fringe to your hairstyle is a quick way of looking noticeably different. However, for some of us, taking a pair of scissors to our precious locks is just not something we are ready to commit to.  Luckily, there are two easy alternatives.

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  1. Faux Bangs – As long as your hair is long enough, you may be able to create the look of bangs without a cut. Check out this article from All Things Hair. to see how it’s done. Clip in Bangs

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2. Clip-In Bangs – Clip in bangs are another easy fix without the commitment. If you don’t feel confident creating faux bangs with your own hair, clip-in bangs are easy to install and aren’t too pricey. Opt for human hair and try to closely match your natural hair shade.

Try a New Curling Iron

If you use a curling iron now and again (or all the time) to add some ringlets to your hair, you may might want to try a different sized barrel to get a completely different look! Check out this article from The Beauty to see how different barrel sizes have different effects on your hair.


Clip-In Hair Extensions

Another great way to change up your look is by getting clip-in hair extensions! Hair extensions are great for those with thinner hair who are looking to have a style with more volume or those with shorter hair who want long hair. If you are concerned with blending your natural hair with clip-ins, a few suggestions to follow are:

  1. Buy high quality, human hair extensions (ones like these from Private Label Extensions are a good option)

2. If the extensions are less than 150/200 grams, you may want to purchase two packs if you have thin or shorter hair.

3. Get your extensions trimmed by a stylist to help them blend well with your natural hair.

4. Treat the extensions like your own hair (wash them, condition them, and don’t use too many heat products on them!)

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