Lehigh Valley Style recently published an article that features Metro Beauty Academy in their fashion & beauty section! In the article, “5 Things That They Teach in Cosmetology School That You Need To Know,” Daisy Willis shares some insider tips on how to get the most out of your beauty regimen.

Didn’t read the article? What are these tips you ask? Well, they are fundamental principles that we practice as professionals and we educate our clients to do the same. The first principle being to use styling products as directed. When you visit us on the salon floor, our students will educate you on the product they choose for your hair as well as teach you how to properly use it at home.

Not only will our student stylists teach you how to use the recommended products, but they will help show you the best way to style your hair to achieve the look you desire. The next tip is one that we can not stress enough, “skip the poor quality box color found in most supermarkets!” Box color is unpredictable because it is not formulated for your specific hair. So next time you get the urge to grab color at the grocery store, make an appointment to come into Metro instead. Our salon prices are unbeatable and you will get a personal formulation from our highly trained staff and student stylists.

Our Esthetic students will get you on track with a personalized skin care regimen. The fourth tip states that “maintaining a consistent regimen is the best way to keep your face healthy and beautiful.” Make an appointment for a facial and let us help you reach your goals by factoring in your skin type, lifestyle, and desired results.

The fifth and most important tip is something only you can control. “Begin within.” A healthy diet that consists of well balanced meals, plenty of water, exercise, and adequate rest is a direct reflection of your appearance.

Moral of the story? Choose a healthy life style, visit us at Metro Beauty Academy for your beauty and wellness services and read Lehigh Valley Style.