Here at Metro Academy, we want you to have the best education possible, without the worry of how you are going to pay for it. We know you have questions, and our Financial Aid Office will be happy to assist you! In the meantime, this summary will give you the basics about the common sources of funding available through Metro. Aid is always based on individual eligibility, but we are confident we have options that will suit your need.
Grants & Resources
Federal Grants
Federal Pell grants are available to METRO students who qualify. These grants are based on a “need” formula, but they no not have to be repaid. Awards can vary per academic year, depending on eligibility.
Metro Returning Student Incentive
Students who have successfully completed a program at METRO and return for another program will receive a 500 tuition adjustment.
*Excludes Massage Therapy & MUD Workshop
Outside Agencies
Metro has partnered with the Veteran’s Administration (eligibility documentation is required), as well as the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to help qualified students gain assistance in paying for school. Students must already be participants with these organizations to obtain funding.


Federal Subsidized Loan
These low-interest loans are awarded based on need. They offer no interest or payments until six months after graduation from school and do not require a credit check. Loans can vary per academic year, depending on eligibility.
Federal Unsubsidized Loan
Unsubsidized loans are low-interest loans not based on need, but they do accrue interest while the student is in school. Payments can be deferred up to six months after graduation and no credit check is required. Loans can vary per academic year, based on eligibility.
Federal Parent Plus Loan
PLUS loans are available to the parents of undergraduate students. A credit check is required to obtain this fixed-rate, low-interest loan.
Cash Discounts & Payment Plans
Sometimes financial aid is not able to cover the full cost of schooling. For those students, this cash balance can be satisfied with the following options:
Payment in Full
Metro Academy wants to encourage you to pay any cash balance in full before the start of class by offering a 10% discount on the out-of-pocket cost of tuition.
*Excludes Massage Therapy & MUD Workshop
Payment Plans
Students who have a cash balance are also afforded the option of interest-free payments over the length of their programs.